About us

We create web and mobile apps that help our clients to get competitive advantage, increase sales, productivity and optimize company processes efficiency. By focusing on real problems we analyse the business operation and build a software solution with significant added value.

We always deliver on time within pre-approved budget, deadline and agreed quality. By working with latest cutting-edge technologies and agile methodologies we make sure to fulfill any requirements given. During development we iterate and publish often, releasing small incremental parts of the final product. That ensures a flexibility to respond to and adapt to any customer feedback and changes. Main pillars we build upon include systematic approach, being result-oriented and constantly improving our work and techniques.

As a team of talented developers just starting out, we are keen to discuss any new projects. If you would like to try out our services or get a consultation do not hesitate to contact us. This website is intentionally minimalist.

What we do

Native and hybrid consumer/enterprise mobile application development

Responsive business websites, e-commerce stores, information systems

WordPress theme and plugin development, bug fixing and performance optimization

IT outsourcing. Mid-level and senior university educated software developers at your service

Services overview

Our job is to solve problems effectively and create value through the latest technology. We do everything related to WordPress, PHP, Joomla, Magento, Drupal or Laravel backend, supported by RWD front-end frameworks.

We are fans of hybrid app development and BaaS. There are too many different devices out there today and it is becoming more expensive to target each one of them separately. After mobile browser rendering engine got enhanced support for HTML5 and Javascript loads faster, cross-platform apps are getting more popular. From a single code base we are able to develop and deploy not only website solutions, but also mobile applications for all platforms (Android, iOS, WP) at the same time, which significantly reduces the cost and development time. Back-end as a service approach keeps data in one place, without a need of multiple device and PC databases.

At the moment we use Ionic with Cordova & Firebase / Back&. For clients with more device-specific requirements we develop native applications for Android & iOS platform.

Over the time we have perfected our development techniques. Extensive consultation, wireframe models, pixel precise design, after launch support and Git are a must for every project we work on.

WordPress / PHP / Laravel
Drupal, Magento, Joomla
Bootstrap / Angular / jQuery
Native & Hybrid Mobile apps

We work with

To create applications people will love to use, solutions that will help businesses to excel and products that will contribute to the society.
To leverage best technology available and fulfill our client’s business potential. And keep enthusiasm along the way.
To be committed to honesty, integrity and long-lasting valuable partnerships with our clients and colleagues.

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