Native mobile application for Android was developed under a contract with Ness Czech Ltd, Czech National Health Center and Palacky University in Olomouc. It brings technology into hospitals where doctors are able to monitor their diabetic / heart-problems facing patients remotely via tablet and mobile devices. According to the patient’s condition, doctors assign him daily tasks, which he must complete. Typical common tasks include glucose levels test, heart pressure, weight test, oxygen in blood levels and general feelings / questionnaires. Patients were given medical devices, that communicate with mobile application via Bluetooh. Within the app, they are also able to start a video-chat consultation with doctor, ask for medication or take a picture of medical case (wound etc). Solution works offline and offers various views to see the medical data over the past weeks / months.

Example:   Diabetic patient must measure his glucose 3 times a day during meals and confirm his task by sending the values. Along he sends how many glasses of water he has drunk and how does he feel. On the other side doctor receives the data and can see / manage all the results in a web application.

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